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Real Life 101Have you ever wondered what you might want to do for the rest of your life?  Have you thought about your "dream job?" Do you have any idea what it takes to get there? Are you headed in the right direction?

Real Life 101 introduces you to real people doing real jobs.  From doctors, lawyers and veterinarians to fashion designers, sports trainers, music therapists, to college and professional coaches,  Real Life 101 takes you "on the job" so you can see for yourself why these professionals love what they do. Learn about jobs you might not know even existed!

Join hosts Jillian, Shawn, Helena and Alecsa every week as they explore new professions in the exciting world of work. It's a half-hour of thought-provoking, eye-opening fun and entertainment!

Rated High for Educational Content by the
University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center.  

Where can you find Real Life 101?

Our show is syndicated, which means it may appear on many different TV stations on different days at different times. Check your local listings to find out exactly when and where Real Life 101 appears in your area; we recommend starting with our Station List to give your search a jump start!

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Week of October 16, 2017
Episode 277

Shawn will learn how simulation is also used in many areas such as training doctors, nurses, pilots and people in government and many other industries. Then, you’re in for a treat as Helena takes us to a castle and talks to a medieval knight.  He sure has a cool career jousting and entertaining audiences! Plus, Shawn will meet up with an event designer who works with clients to ensure their catered wedding reception or corporate event is what they envisioned.

Week of October 23, 2017
Episode 278

Advances in the STEM industry are making our lives more efficient.  Helena will meet the CEO of BRIDG, a large new facility that takes innovative technology ideas and turns them into reality. Do you know what a phlebotomist is?  We’ll find out when Shawn talks with one in the lab where she works.  Hint – you can’t be afraid of needles or the sight of blood to do this job! The Agricultural Biotechnology industry is changing.  Helena will take us to a lab where the manager talks to her about how plant tissues are cloned and grown in baby food jars. 

Week of October 30, 2017
Episode 279

The engineering field has an abundance of fascinating career opportunities. Shawn will introduce us to a mechanical engineer whose job is to control the acoustics in buildings using tools that test noise along with her math and physics skills. Then, Helena will meet a program engineer who specializes in the science of nanotechnology to make new electronics and devices a fraction of the size they were just a few years ago. Plus, Shawn will meet up with a drone pilot and see how unmanned aerial vehicles are replacing helicopters and making it much simpler to shoot aerial video for TV shows. 




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