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Real Life 101Have you ever wondered what you might want to do for the rest of your life?  Have you thought about your "dream job?" Do you have any idea what it takes to get there? Are you headed in the right direction?

Real Life 101 introduces you to real people doing real jobs.  From doctors, lawyers and veterinarians to fashion designers, sports trainers, music therapists, to college and professional coaches,  Real Life 101 takes you "on the job" so you can see for yourself why these professionals love what they do. Learn about jobs you might not know even existed!

Join hosts Jillian, Shawn, Gracey and Alecsa every week as they explore new professions in the exciting world of work. It's a half-hour of thought-provoking, eye-opening fun and entertainment!

Rated High for Educational Content by the
University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center.  

Where can you find Real Life 101?

Our show is syndicated, which means it may appear on many different TV stations on different days at different times. Check your local listings to find out exactly when and where Real Life 101 appears in your area; we recommend starting with our Station List to give your search a jump start!



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Week of July 25, 2016
Episode 237

Shawn is going to meet a county court judge and see how she got into her coveted position and why she loves her career on the bench. Plus Gracey is going to talk with the general manager of a major hotel chain who tells her the varied things his job entails – and how he does everything with a certain goal in mind. Then, Shawn will visit an auto repair shop where the owner shares with him some of the skills needed when diagnosing and fixing problems with a car. As an auto technician, he uses a lot more than a computer!

Week of August 1, 2016
Episode 238

Overseeing almost 3,000 inmates plus a large staff in a county jail is an enormous responsibility.  Gracey will talk with the Chief of Corrections and learn about a career in criminal justice. Then Shawn will meet up with an estate planning attorney and learn how he works with his clients to have their affairs in order and wishes met for their inevitable passing. Plus, Alecsa will visit a podiatrist to learn why she chose this specialty and how we can avoid foot and ankle problems that most of us experience at one time or another.

Week of August 8, 2016
Episode 239

Just like at home, people at work often have trouble getting along.  Shawn will speak with an industrial psychologist and learn how she helps with conflicts and other problems in the workplace. People are blogging about every subject you can think of nowadays.  Alecsa will talk with a lifestyle blogger who’ll share with us how she got her start in this popular business. Plus, Shawn will visit an airport where he meets a man who merged his love of aviation with his interest in business and management into a career as the Director of Airport Operations.



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