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2013-14 Season

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Episode 190 (Season Premiere)
Original Broadcast: Week of September 2, 2013

Rebroadcast: Week of June 9, 2014

Episode 190To start the season, we had our field reporters, Shawn and Gracey, along with our producer, choose their favorite interviews from last season. We’re bringing them back to you on today’s show. Being a food lover, Shawn chose the interview with a man who developed a scrumptious barbeque recipe and opened a restaurant where he sells it along with his other creations. Gracey, who loves to laugh and enjoy life, said her favorite interview was with the Tennessee Titan’s mascot, T-Rac and his handler, Pete. And the producer, being a sports aficionado, chose the interview with longtime ESPN analyst and broadcaster, Lee Corso.

Episode 191
Original Broadcast: Week of September 9, 2013
Repbroadcast: Week of June 16, 2014

Episode 191We’ll start outside on the soccer field where Shawn will meet with a lady who turned her love of soccer into a fulltime job as a women’s college soccer coach. Then, a drama therapist will introduce Gracey to a fascinating type of therapy that combines acting and psychology techniques to help people overcome some of life’s most troubling issues. Almost everywhere we look, we see the work of graphic designers.  Shawn will talk with one and see what goes into creating commercial materials that will grab our attention.

Episode 192
Original Broadcast: Week of September 16, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of June 23, 2014

Episode 192Today, we’re going to feature three men in careers that involve serving others in a variety of ways. Gracey will talk with a Roman Catholic priest and learn what he does to serve the people of his parish not just on Sundays, but every day. Then we’ll head off to the coast where Shawn will talk with a man who serves our country by protecting the borders as a US Border Patrol Agent. And then Gracey will visit the Rosen College of Hospitality and learn that the career future is bright for those interested serving travelers in hospitality and tourism.

Episode 193
Original Broadcast: Week of September 23, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of June 30, 2014

Episode 193Join us for today’s Real Life 101’s special wedding edition! Shawn’s going to introduce us to a wedding planner and see why she can be worth her weight in gold when it comes to taking the stress off the bride and her family. And Gracey will visit a bridal shop where the dress buyer will show will talk about selecting her shop’s gorgeous wedding gowns. Wait til you see these dresses on the live models! Plus, Shawn will meet up with a wedding DJ and learn how he can be the most instrumental person at the reception in making sure everyone is having a great time.

Episode 194
Original Broadcast: Week of September 30, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of July 7, 2014

Episode 194So many people want to know about the Real Life 101 hosts Shawn and Gracey, aka field reporters.. So this week, Shawn’s going to actually interview Gracey and see how she aces her interviews! Plus, Gracey will visit a food broker and find out why food manufacturers rely on them to them to increase sales of their food products. And you’ve heard of day care centers where kids have a set routine, including playtime and naptime.  Have you ever heard of one for dogs?  Shawn may have found a whole new career during his visit to a doggie day care.

Episode 195
Original Broadcast: Week of October 7, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of July 14, 2014

Episode 195If you were with us last week, you got to see Shawn’s interview with Gracey about her job at Real Life 101 and her hobbies and aspirations.  Now it’s Shawn’s turn to tell Gracey his story. Then an attorney who specializes in working with people and companies in disputes will talk to Shawn about his profession and why he finds it so rewarding. And Gracey will talk with a flight attendant and learn that she needs to be prepared for any situation that may arise in the skies or on the ground.

Episode 196
Original Broadcast: Week of October 14, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of July 21, 2014

Episode 196For those of you with the gift of inspiring people and bringing out the best in them, you’ll want to see Shawn’s interview with an empowerment coach. And for those interested in food and have sales and leadership qualities, Gracey will introduce us to a regional sales manager for a major salad dressing manufacturer. Or, are you the go-to guy when it comes to fixing broken things?  Then you’ll enjoy Shawn’s interview with a Field Service Engineer who works to keep equipment in tip top shape!

Episode 197
Original Broadcast: Week of October 21, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of July 28, 2014

Episode 197Gracey will start us out by introducing us to a person whose spends her time detecting what handwriting is forged and what is authentic in her career as a forensic document examiner. And then Shawn will visit an animal clinic where he meets with a veterinarian and learns why she is passionate about her career caring for our family pets. Plus, Gracey will visit a carpenter’s shop and learn why this is a good career in the construction field for people who enjoy building things with their hands.

Episode 198
Original Broadcast: Week of October 28, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of August 4, 2014

Episode 198Shawn’s going to introduce us to a self made man who started a successful hotel empire and, just as importantly, values giving back to others. He has an amazing and inspiring story. Then Gracey will take us to a cake shop where the owner shares with her why she loves creating designer cakes for her customers. Plus Shawn will visit a cruise ship terminal and meet a patrol agent who works as a canine handler with his trained dog to intercept criminals entering the country.

Episode 199
Original Broadcast: Week of November 4, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of August 11, 2014

Episode 199Gracey will start us off at the hospital where she meets a doctor working in a fast growing trend in healthcare as a hospitalist. Stay tuned to find out what he does. Then Shawn will talk with a product sales consultant and learn how her presentation skills and background help increase her company’s sales. Plus Gracey will meet up with a nurse who helps keep patients healthy without ever meeting them in person in her work as a case manager for an insurance company.

Episode 200
Original Broadcast: Week of November 11, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of August 18, 2014

Episode 200If you like working with numbers, you’re going to love our first two careers! Shawn will meet a biostatistician who analyzes data and uses the findings to make advances in medicine and healthcare that benefit us all. Ever heard of an actuary?  Gracey found out they analyze numbers to determine the risk of uncertain future events, such as hurricanes or automobile accidents to calculate insurance rates. Then we’ll change gears, when Shawn talks with a social worker who works in hospitals with patients to assist them on their continued path to recovery.

Episode 201
Original Broadcast: Week of November 18, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of August 25, 2014

Episode 201Gracey will start off by introducing us to a CPA where she’ll learn how he was drawn to this career even though in high school he had no interest in accounting! Keeping memories alive and preserving documents is important whether it is an historic document or article or pictures of you and your friends.  Shawn will talk to a digital archivist who gives us a glimpse into this career in library science. And if you’re into makeup, you’ll find there are lots of job opportunities when Gracey meets up with a makeup artist who specializes in weddings and TV.

Episode 202
Original Broadcast: Week of November 25, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of April 14, 2014

Episode 202Shawn will visit the office of a mediator and find out how this method of alternative dispute resolution provides a great way to settle legal disputes between both people and companies. Then Gracey will find out how props and lighting are important in setting the stage for  plays, trade shows and TV when she speaks with the CEO of a scenic and lighting design company. Plus Shawn will make an office visit to an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and learn what this specialty of dentistry entails and why he chose it.

Episode 203
Original Broadcast: Week of December 2, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of April 21, 2014

If you love our country like we do and are interested in protecting it, you’ll want to see Shawn’s interview with a US Customs and Border Protection officer.  Then he will visit a retail pharmacy and meet up with a pharmacy tech who tells him how she assists the pharmacist in filling prescriptions. And finally, Shawn will talk with a public relations specialist where he learns a few of the many things she does and why PR people are so important to a company.

Episode 204
Original Broadcast: Week of December 9, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of April 28, 2014

Shawn’s going to meet a paralegal and learn why she loves her job assisting the attorneys in her law firm. We'll also learn about a career most of us have never thought of when Shawn talks to a man who provides protection to high-profile individuals. And for those interested in event planning, Shawn will introduce us to a meeting and event planner who spends her time planning her company’s big corporate affairs.


Episode 205
Original Broadcast: Week of December 16, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of May 5, 2014

Today, we’re going to revisit some of your favorites from last season. We’ll show you Gracey’s interview with an entrepreneur in the food and entertainment business. He’ll tell us about the enormous job of feeding the cast and crew of movies and concerts. As we all know, there are a lot of types of attorneys. We’ll take another look at Shawn’s interview with a criminal defense attorney and learn why he finds his specialty of law a rewarding one. Finally you’ll get an encore of the interview Gracey did up in the tower with an air traffic controller. We’ll get a look into her career of controlling flights in our busy skies to make sure everyone arrives at their destinations safely.


Episode 206
Original Broadcast: Week of December 23, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of May 12, 2014

We continue our look back at some of your favorite interviews from last season. We’ll revisit a high school where Shawn will learn from a math teacher why she is so passionate in her career of instructing and helping teens grow both emotionally and intellectually. Plus, we’re going to bring back Gracey’s interview with a man who makes his living behind the mic as a voice-over artist. They’re the people you hear narrating TV commercials, audiobooks or playing characters on cartoons. And then we’ll return to Shawn’s interview with the floral designer where he shows Shawn how he uses his talents to create beautiful décor that sets the tone for weddings and other events.


Episode 207
Original Broadcast: Week of December 30, 2013
Rebroadcast: Week of May 19, 2014

Today, we’ll bring back some very cool careers! If you’ve ever had serious ear or sinus problems, you’ve probably been to an Otolaryngologist. We’re going to see Gracey’s interview with one . . . also known as an E.N.T. doctor . . . and hear what else his specialty entails. Plus, we’ll get some insight into what it’s really like to investigate murders when we return to the Sheriff’s office where Shawn met up with a homicide detective.  It’s not quite like what you see on TV. Then we’ll race back to Daytona International Speedway where Gracey saw how IT is vital in not only managing the Speedway’s information and telecommunications service but how innovative technology is used to energize the fan experience.


Episode 208
Original Broadcast: Week of January 6, 2014
Rebroadcast: Week of May 26, 2014

By popular demand, we’re bringing back some of our great careers from last season so you can get another look! We’ll return to the radio station where a nationally syndicated talk show host took a few minutes to share with Shawn the secret to keeping his listeners tuning in year after year. Are you into the arts and considering college choices? You won’t want to miss our encore of Gracey’s meeting with the president of a 4 year arts and design school where students receive a well-rounded education while pursuing their passion. Interested in a career as a singer?  We’re bringing back Shawn’s interview with a country music recording artist and see how she is making a name for herself.


Episode 209
Original Broadcast: Week of January 13, 2014
Rebroadcast: Week of June 2, 2014

Today, we bring back some of our most unique and interesting careers from last season.  We’ll revisit an interior design firm where Gracey saw how designers work to ensure their clients’ home or workplace has the look they envision and meets their functional needs. Like cookies?  You’ll get your fill when we take a look back at Gracey’s interview with the owner of a booming cookie factory where thousands of creative confections are made and shipped out to customers around the country. Then we’ll bring you an encore of our trip to Tropicana Field where Gracey met up with a database manager for the Tampa Bay Rays and see how she provides the organization with the stats they need. 


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