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2014-15 Season

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Episode 210 (Season Premiere)
Original Broadcast: Week of September 1, 2014

To kick off the season, we’re going to bring back our most popular interviews from last year.  We’ll start off with a career most of us have never thought of when we watch Shawn’s interview with a security person who keeps high-profile and famous people out of harm’s way. Then, we’ll revisit the hospital where Gracey met a doctor working in a fast growing trend in healthcare as a hospitalist. Can you guess what a hospitalist does? Keeping memories alive and preserving documents is important whether it’s a historic document or pictures of you and your friends or family.  We’ll look back at Shawn’s interview with a digital archivist at a college library.

Episode 211
Original Broadcast: Week of September 8, 2014

Today, we’re going to continue where we left off last week and bring you more of our viewer’s favorite careers. We’ll start off with Gracey’s visit with a Roman Catholic priest and learn what he does besides celebrating Sunday Mass to serve the people of his community. Then we’ll take a look at Shawn’s segment with an empowerment coach who told him how she inspires people and helps them achieve their full potential. Plus we’ll bring back Gracey’s interview with a CPA where she learned how he was drawn to this career even though in high school he had no interest in accounting!

Episode 212
Original Broadcast: Week of September 15, 2014

Holiday Inn ExpressGracey will start us out on the field where she talks with a former pro-football kicker. He’s has now found his niche as a kicking coach teaching his skills to others. Then Shawn will visit an Emergency Operations Center where he meets up with an Emergency Manager and learns how he coordinates operations during crises (plural of crisis) and other events. And Gracey will talk with an adoption attorney and learn how she matches up parents to their new child and ensures that the adoption process goes smoothly.

Episode 213
Original Broadcast: Week of September 22, 2014

Holiday Inn ExpressShawn will introduce us to a SWAT Team leader and learn what goes into his high adrenaline job protecting citizens. Then, Gracey will visit a global farm where she meets an agricultural consultant who works with farmers all over the world to help them grow crops to feed their communities.   Plus, Shawn will learn from a chef and food truck owner what’s involved in owning a mobile kitchen and why it’s one of the hottest trends in dining.

Episode 214
Original Broadcast: Week of September 29, 2014

Holiday Inn ExpressWhat comes to mind when you think of Anthropology?  Bet you never thought of fast food. You won’t want to miss Gracey’s informative interview with an anthropologist. Then Shawn will talk with a marketing engineer at ABB who works to make sure her customer’s energy needs are met. And Shawn will also visit a fire station where he’ll talk to a firefighter and learn that this job is not just about extinguishing fires. 

Episode 215
Original Broadcast: Week of October 6, 2014

Did you know that 1 out of 3 dogs over the age of 10 will most likely develop cancer?  Shawn will meet a veterinary oncologist who diagnoses and treats pets with cancer. Then Gracey will talk to a man who makes his living as a freelance drummer. She especially enjoyed his drum solo – I think you will, too! And if you’re into reptiles, you won’t want to miss Shawn’s interview with a zookeeper who takes care of them.  Not sure I’d be comfortable getting as close to the gators as she does!

Episode 216
Original Broadcast: Week of October 13, 2014

Holiday Inn ExpressGracey will start us off at the bank where she meets a business banker and learn how he helps small business owners achieve their goals. Jobs are plentiful in the oil and gas industry.  Shawn will meet a recruiter who tells him about some of the careers available in the field and how he connects prospects and employers. Plus, Gracey will talk with a social media manager who gives her a glimpse of how he works to get his customers seen in a positive way and at the top of internet search engine lists.

Episode 217
Original Broadcast: Week of October 20, 2014

Holiday Inn ExpressWe may not realize it, but logistics is involved in everything we have. Shawn will meet the president of a logistics company who will introduce us to his career of getting things safely and intact from point A to B. And Gracey will take us to a wildlife refuge in the Everglades where a wildlife biologist gives us a glimpse of the work he does both as a biologist and nature photographer. Then it’s back to the classroom where Shawn visits a preschool teacher who tells us how she teaches little ones to prepare them for school.

Episode 218
Original Broadcast: Week of October 27, 2014

We’ll take you to a beautifully landscaped home where Gracey will meet the landscape architect who designed the incredible outdoor spaces.
Then we’ll get to see what goes into formulating the ingredients for cheesecakes and pizza rolls when Shawn meets up with a food scientist.
And if you’re into art, you won’t want to miss Gracey’s interview with a man who makes his living as a sculptor. We’ll even see him welding one of his masterpieces!

Episode 219
Original Broadcast: Week of November 3, 2014

Today, we’re going to revisit some of our most popular careers from last season.  We’ll show you Shawn’s interview with a mediator and find out how this method of alternative dispute resolution provides a great way to settle legal disputes between both people and companies. And, we’ll take a look back at Gracey’s visit with a nurse who helps keep patients healthy without ever meeting them in person in her work as a case manager for an insurance company. And of course, our wedding segments are always popular. We’ll bring back Shawn’s interview with a wedding planner and see why she can be worth her weight in gold when it comes to taking the stress off the bride and her family.

Episode 220
Original Broadcast: Week of November 10, 2014

We’ve had so many great careers over the years – and today we’re going to revisit a few from last season. We’ll start with a look back at Gracey’s interview with a person who spends her time detecting what handwriting is forged and what is authentic in her career as a forensic document examiner. Then we’ll bring you back Shawn’s interview with an attorney who specializes in working with people and companies in disputes.
And for those interested in food and have sales and leadership qualities, we’ll revisit Gracey’s interview with a regional sales manager for a major salad dressing manufacturer.

Episode 221
Original Broadcast: Week of November 17, 2014

Holiday Inn ExpressAre you a car buff and into performance, computers, physics and math? You won’t want to miss Shawn’s interview with a calibration engineer. There are many opportunities in nursing for LPNs and RNs.  Gracey will meet an LPN who also uses her business skills to work as a nurse manager in a doctor’s office. And how would you like a job in law enforcement, riding a horse through city streets, and keeping the citizens safe? Shawn will introduce us to a mounted patrol officer.

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