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2016-17 Season

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Episode 250 (Season Premiere)
Original Broadcast: Week of September 5, 2016

By popular demand, today we’re going to start the season off with our viewer’s favorite episode from last season. If you are a football player in high school or college and aspire to make it in the NFL, you’ll want to tune in! Gracey will find out what your chances are of making it to the
NFL and what the draft process is like. We’ll also get a look into the daily routine of the football players and coaches along with some great advice.

Episode 251
Original Broadcast: Week of September 12, 2016

Today, we’re going to bring back some viewer favorites from last season. Though they may seem totally different, they have one thing in common: They are all careers in the medical field. We’ll start by taking a look back at Shawn’s interview with a plastic surgeon and see how the work he does helps his patients feel better about themselves. Torn between a music career and a career in the health industry? We’ll show you how you can do both when we give you an encore of Alecsa’s interview with a Music Therapist. The applications for 3D printing are amazing. We’ll bring you back Shawn’s interview with an engineering student. He’s part of an innovative team that uses 3D printing to create prosthetic arms for children (,

Episode 252
Original Broadcast: Week of September 19, 2016

Alecsa will start us off at the hospital where she meets with a radiation oncologist. She learns how he uses advances in medicine and technology to treat cancer patients. Did you know The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 in England? Shawn talks to an area commander and gets some insight into the international organization, its mission and opportunities available. What happens when you merge the talents of an artist with the technology of a computer? Alecsa will find out when she meets up with a digital artist.

Episode 253
Original Broadcast: Week of September 26, 2016

Have you been wondering about what our field reporter, Alecsa is really like? Well, wonder no more because Shawn is going to start off the show interviewing Alecsa. We’ll get to know both of them better! Then, Alecsa will take it from there and introduce us to a dental hygienist. We’ll see how this is a job that works well for someone who wants a career in the dental field and wants a flexible schedule as well. Plus, Alecsa will visit the classroom of a second grade teacher and learn why she is passionate about her career teaching young children and making a difference in their lives. 

Episode 254
Original Broadcast: Week of October 3, 2016

Alecsa is going to start us out by introducing us to an artist who uses her talent to design and market beautiful greeting cards, adult coloring books and more unique creations. We’ll also meet a woman who is the CFO, COO and deputy director of a non-profit organization. What is that, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see. Plus, we’ll meet a woman who wanted both a career in law enforcement and one working with kids at a school; she found her niche as a School Resource Officer.

Episode 255
Original Broadcast: Week of October 10, 2016

Wonder what a hedge fund is? Alecsa will find out when she speaks to a hedge fund manager. She’ll learn that it takes more than financial knowledge to successfully manage people’s investments. Then, if you’re into basketball, you’ll want to see our second career. Shawn meets up with an NCAA basketball referee and learns how he got his job and what goes into officiating college games. Finally, Alecsa will meet a woman who, after she lost her husband at a young age, realized she had a gift to offer of herself. She started a non-profit organization to empower other widows.

Episode 256
Original Broadcast: Week of October 17, 2016

Alecsa will meet a character artist who designed some of the famous Disney merchandise you see in stores and at the Disney parks and resorts. You’ll want to see what he’s doing now. And we’ll also meet another type of artist when Shawn visits a nail technician and learns how she uses her steady hand to make people’s fingers and toes beautiful. Or maybe you’d rather have a job where you get paid to eat and travel. Alecsa will talk with a AAA hotel and restaurant inspector and see if his job is all that one would imagine.

Episode 257
Original Broadcast: Week of October 24, 2016

Shawn will meet a woman who is a Special Agent for IRS Criminal Investigation. Her job is to catch people involved in financial crimes such as money laundering and tax fraud. Then, Alecsa will talk to a licensed massage therapist and learn how massage is not just for relaxation but is also beneficial to healing. The thought of catching an alligator doesn’t appeal to most people – especially women. But, Alecsa met up with a woman who loves the thrill and excitement involved in her job of trapping nuisance gators.

Episode 258
Original Broadcast: Week of October 31, 2016

Alecsa will start us off at the dentist’s office where she speaks with a general dentist. She learns what he spends most of his time doing and why he loves working with families. Developments in engineering are happening at warp speed. Shawn will learn about what’s hot in the engineering field and how advances impact so many aspects of our world. And Alecsa will meet with an inventor who created a safer type of skateboard. He’ll give her an introduction into the process of inventing a product and getting it on the market.

Episode 259
Original Broadcast: Week of November 7, 2016

Shawn starts us out by meeting up with a sound designer. We’ll hear about how he integrates music, sound and effects into films, TV and plays. It makes a world of difference in the finished production! Then Alecsa will visit a university and speak with the head volleyball coach where we’ll learn that coaching involves a lot more than teaching volleyball skills. Then, we’ll find out about the different skills needed to guide students not only academically and career wise but also socially and personally when Alecsa talk with a high school counselor.

Episode 260
Original Broadcast: Week of November 14, 2016

The National Audubon Society  protects and treats injured birds of raptor.  Alecsa will visit one of their centers and learn how they rescue and rehab some amazing bird species. We don’t appreciate our furnace or air conditioner until it doesn’t work.  Alecsa will visit an HVAC company and learn about jobs and skills needed to keep people’s HVAC systems running smoothly.There are many mental and emotional factors that can interfere with a child’s happiness and well-being. Shawn will meet a child therapist and learn how she helps little ones dealing with various issues.

Episode 261
Original Broadcast: Week of November 21, 2016

Sometimes, illnesses become a real mystery for doctors. Alecsa will meet an infectious disease specialist whose job is to diagnose and treat rare and complex conditions. We see their big brown trucks everywhere delivering packages to doorsteps.  Alecsa learns what it takes to be a UPS driver and package handler. Trendy boutiques are popping up everywhere. Alecsa will visit one and learn how they serve their clientele in a more personal way than the big department stores and what it takes to own a fashion boutique.

Episode 262
Original Broadcast: Week of November 28, 2016

Did you know more than one in seven people have a substance abuse problem?  We’ll talk with an addictions professional and learn about the challenges in treating those with drug addictions. For those of you interested in aviation, we’re going to bring back Shawn’s interview with a director of Career Services at an aviation and aerospace university. He learned about what the up and coming jobs will be in the aeronautics industry. We are also going to take a look back into the world of fashion design when we revisit ELAN, a women’s clothing manufacturer and talk with the CEO and designer.

Episode 263
Original Broadcast: Week of December 5, 2016

We’re going to bring back some of your favorite interviews from last season.  Organic foods continue to grow in popularity.  We’ll revisit Shawn’s interview with an organic farmer who runs a business that makes orange juice that you may find in the produce section of your grocery store. 
We’ll also take a look back at Gracey’s interview with the general manager of a major hotel chain.  You’ll find out the variety of things his job entails – and how he does everything with a certain goal in mind.  Plus, you’ll get an encore of Alecsa’s visit with a foot and ankle surgeon. They discussed why she chose this specialty and what we can do to avoid common foot and ankle problems.

Episode 264
Original Broadcast: Week of December 12, 2016

We’re going to bring back some of our best segments from last season.  We’ll start off with Alecsa’s interview with the Chief of Corrections at a county jail. They will discuss her enormous responsibility of overseeing almost 3000 inmates plus a large staff at the jail. Then, we’ll bring you an encore of Shawn’s interview with an industrial psychologist. She helps people with problems such as trouble getting along with others in the workplace.  Hmm…do I see a parallel with work life and home life?  Plus, we’ll take a look back at Alecsa’s interview with a man who found his passion for flying at age 13. He has since then become a successful entrepreneur and a mentor to young people interested in aviation.

Episode 265
Original Broadcast: Week of December 19, 2016

You asked and we listened. We’re going to revisit some of your favorite interviews from last season! For all you pet lovers out there – like who isn’t? – we’ll start off at the animal shelter where Alecsa spoke with an animal care officer. She learned what he does and found out his favorite part of the job. Did you know that a different set of laws apply to accidents that happen out in open water? We’ll revisit Gracey’s meeting with a maritime attorney and see how he applies these laws when working with clients who want to file a case against a cruise ship or boat. While a few people have legal claims against cruise lines, the vast majority have a blast on a cruise. We’re bring you an encore of Shawn’s interview with a cruise agent and see why she loves working with her clients to ensure they have a great cruise experience.

Episode 266
Original Broadcast: Week of December 26, 2016

We’re giving you an encore of some of your favorite careers from last season. We’ll show you Shawn’s interview with a marketing and advertising executive.  Among other things, they discussed how she gives her clients the biggest bang for their advertising buck. Then we’ll head back to the marina where Gracey met up with a charter yacht captain and learned about the fun and fascinating career he calls work.  Work. . . Really? For you people that are into organization and want to be self-employed, we’ll bring back Shawn’s interview with a woman who provides a helping hand for her clients by running errands and getting their homes in order. 

Episode 267
Original Broadcast: Week of January 2, 2017

We’re going to revisit the Miami Seaquarium where Gracey met up with the animal care manager and learned how she tends to the exhibit and rescue animals such as manatees and turtles. Interested in becoming a blogger?  Then you’ll be glad we’re bringing back Alecsa’s interview with a lifestyle blogger. She shared how she got her start in this popular career. And if tuning up and repairing cars interests you, stay “tuned” as we bring you back to the shop where Shawn spoke with a car tech and found out that being a good auto mechanic is a real science.

Episode 268
Original Broadcast: Week of January 9, 2017

Most people have heard of urologists and gynecologists.  But have you heard of a urogynecologist?  You will - after we take a look back at Alecsa’s visit with a doctor who specializes in this field of medicine. Then we’ll head back to the airport hangar where Shawn met up with an avionics mechanic who is the Director of Maintenance for a company that maintains airplanes. He makes sure that their clients’ planes not only perform well but also look great inside and out. We’ll also take you back to the county jail.  That’s where Alecsa talked with a corrections officer and learned about his duties and how he works with the inmates.

Episode 269
Original Broadcast: Week of January 16, 2017

First up, we’ll take a look back at Alecsa’s interview with a man who has a passion for neighborhood revitalization and empowering its residents. She found out his strategy is different from just providing a handout. Then, we’ll revisit Shawn’s meeting with an estate planning attorney. They discussed how he works with his clients to have their affairs in order and wishes met for their inevitable passing. And last, but not least, we’ll head back to the public works building where Alecsa spoke with a traffic engineer.  She learned what they do to deal with growing congestion on our roads and how they keep traffic moving smoothly.

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